Other Series by A.P. Nuri

When A.P. Nuri finished her first 80,000-word manuscript at 13, her writing was still growing.

Nine years and fifteen more manuscripts later, she's premiering her debut novel, The Learning Wilds.


Emerald Butterfly

For Samantha Clearwater, starting over is nothing novel.

Another high school in her senior year is old news, except this time around she's on her own. School life seems mundane until she meets Nathan, her charming classmate. In one night, her life crumbles away to reveal the spiritual warfare that undermines humanity and Nathan swears to protect her. Or so she thinks. Chaos unfolds as the forces of good and evil fight to possess her and her powers. The Dark will stop at nothing to see they have consumed all of her, and all those she has grown to hold dear.

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Sapphire Dragonfly

Samantha has been tried and torn, fighting for what she believes in against all odds.

And Nathan has been by her side through it all. Their bond is seemingly inseparable. Nathan is searching for commitment from her. But the Light demands more and their future together becomes threatened. The Dark is crossing lines never before been disturbed. The Light can only protect her on their grounds, so she turns to Nathan for security. But what can Nathan offer her, when the Dark's threats collide with the even darker secrets of his past?